Historical Information
Noted and noteworthy gunsmith Bill Leeper was kind enough to contribute an article talking about the early days of BR in Canada. I have titled it Bill Leeper BR Recollections.

Blast from the Past! All large files, not dial up friendly at all!
Oct1980 BRSC Newsletter
Feb1981 BRSC Newsletter
1983 BRSC Newsletter.

BR Pioneers above L-R Herb Lang, Larry Ottman, Joe Mendham and Lowell Boyd. This picture is circa 1989 at Pugent Sound BR club. Photo to the right is Charlie Womack, who was active in the earliest years of BR in Canada.

Bill Leeper circa 1980 at the Clearwater, BC Club! On the right is Vic Swindlehurst, well known in BR circles for his high quality actions, amongst many other projects useful to BR shooters.

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